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man Name:Rebecca Agidi
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The idea of motivating young ones grew when I was in high school. I had a friend who was my junior in my dormitory. She had parents who did not give her much love or cared for her. Eventually, she grew up with low self esteem and decided to live a wayward life. This incident really motivated me to talk to young ones, telling them that there is more to life than focusing on past events. With determination, you need to consider certain events and experiences which has brought about either failure or success. You have to look beyond every obstacle and know that you would get there someday.

man Name:Joyce Meyer
Title:Creative Analyst
Never give up.Always look out for the best remedy to a solution.Go to the right source for information and be determined to travail. Yes!You can make it.

man Name:John Mensah
Title:General Manager
Once you take a risk, be ready to either succeed or fail;and when you fail know that you are a step ahead to your success.Pick yourself up and continue. Just be determined and you will make a progress.

“The pain to success is to make determined Action“ Our focus is on helping the youth better understand their world, equip them with the appropriate resources so they become responsible individuals with effective problem solving skills.